Spring Clean your Diet

Get out your industrial-strength garbage bags and start using the following tips below to spring-clean your diet.

Things to trash:
· High-calorie dips, spreads, and condiments: Bye-bye nacho cheese sauce, French onion chip dip, blue cheese dressing, and mayo. Replace with salsas, vinaigrette dressings and mustards. Check to make sure these items are free of added sweeteners.
· Fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt: Stick with sugar-free, plain variety and mix in your own fruit or nuts. Choose Greek yogurt for more protein.
· Anything with trans fat
· Kids’ breakfast items
· Snack and sugary drinks

Stock up on the following:
· Lean proteins (chicken, turkey breast, fresh fish)
· Produce: Broccoli, spinach, apples. Cut up veggies in advance to save time and have healthy snacks accessible.
· A giant water pitcher to keep track of your H20 intake
· Rolled oats and canned beans
· Raw almonds, walnuts, pecans, and pistachios
· Tea

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