Injury Recovery

With fall around the corner, sports will be ramping up. Injury prevention is ideal, but when sprains and strains arise,  it's important to know how to care for them.

R= Rest. 
Give your body a break. The less strain you put on your body, the more energy your body can focus on healing the injury.

I= Ice. 
Initially after the injury, apply ice to the area for 15 minutes, then remove the ice for 45 mins. repeat the cycle hourly if necessary.

C= Compression.
 Increased blood flow to the area of injury is your body's way of starting the healing process. With this said, swelling causes more pain. Use an ace bandage to wrap the injury to keep it compressed and limit the swelling.

E- Elevate. 
Help reduce the swelling (and pain!) by elevating your feet above your heart.

In addition to RICE, taking arnica tablets (orally) or in an ointment formula (topically) will help with healing and reduce swelling. Sugar, alcohol and processed foods hinder the body's ability to heal and increases inflammation. To return to normal as fast as possible, cut those three categories from your diet.

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